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  • Storer Farm

    Rehoming of Three KuneKune Pigs - 2x pedigree sows and a castrate Boar F R E E to loving home.

    I am sadly looking to rehome my Kunekune pigs. Due to a change in domestic circumstance I have had to sell my small holding farm :(

    Lola (Bradley Rebecca Gina 1 / 7771) born 10/08/2016 - is an awesome breeding sow and I have used the BKKPS to sell on her litter - they ended up as far a field as Scotland and the Netherlands. She is ginger/brown 2 pirepire. She is a true alpha female that loves tlc :)

    Chilli (Bradley Rebecca Gina 3 / 8040) born 05/03/2017 - is the perfect KK sow (in my humble opinion) I have not had the opportunity to breed from her. She is ginger 2 pirepire.

    Bob is castrate boar and Lola's litter brother. He is the finest gentlest pig and Lola and Chilli's companion and keeper of the peace.

    (They are pictured with Margot who I will keep in the garden - unfortunately she is as deaf as a post so not suitable to breed from!!)

    Please contact Jason FRANKLIN on 07584422570 I am based in Derbyshire.

  • Saqqaras

    Herd book BKPPS N ° (ADDPEO) 
    Né le 23.10.2020 
    mâle entier pour reproduction 
    Tag: FR21OLK 011018

    est disponible pour l'exportation vers l'UE
    Contact: Antoine CAGNAC