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  • Prior to getting a sow in-pig, consider what you will do with the piglets - if you do not have a market to sell them do not breed in the first place.
  • Before selling pigs, breeders should ensure new pig owners are aware of the legal responsibilities, how to care for pigs and have realistic expectations of what pig ownership involves.
  • All boars sold as pets MUST be castrated BY THE BREEDER before sale.
  • All litters must be birth notified within 40 days of birth.
  • All pigs should be registered as pedigree kunekune pigs at or before sale unless intended for meat.
  • All pigs must be registered before breeding and no later than 18 months old. After this time they will not be eligable for pedigree registration.
  • Purchasers of pigs should be encouraged to join the BKKPS.

Leaflets on the care of pigs, health, vaccinations and legal requirements can be obtained from the Secretary and may be given out by breeders to prospective purchasers of piglets.

The Registrar will be happy to answer any questions relating to the herdbook and breeding regulations.