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NB The Registrar MUST be notified of the litter within 40 days of birth for the piglets to be eligable for pedigree registration.

You can complete a litter notification online or contact the registrar if you cannot do this online. To complete the litter notification you will need the following details:

  • Your name and address
  • Sire and Dam including their Herd numbers
  • Date of birth of litter
  • Details of each piglet born including colour, sex and pire pire.
  • Even piglets that die, or are still born, should be included in the notification as the litter size is important.

If you try to notify a litter with a Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) of 3% to under 10% you will be advised to contact the registrar to discuss. A COI of 10% or greater will not be accepted and will be referred to the Registrar. Please read the article on the Coefficient Of Inbreeding for more information.

After a litter is notified it will appear on the Litter Notifications page of the BKKPS website. If you have not listed any piglets as being 'For Sale', it will be entered into the database and not be available for public viewing.

After a litter notification is completed and accepted by the registrar the piglets may be registered as pedigree pigs. This must be done before they are 18 months old. Pigs are registered as they are sold and leave the birth holding. If you are buying kunekune pigs you should ask that they be registered.


  • Only BKKPS members can birth notify pedigree litters of kunekune pigs.