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Kunekune pigs can only be pedigree registered by the breeder who must be a member of the BKKPS. Registration should be done at the point of sale.

Pigs must have been birth notified within 40 days of birth by the breeder to be eligible for registration.

All pigs must be registered before they breed or reach the age of 18 months - whichever is the sooner.

Breeders cannot register breeding boars in their first litters. Registrations for breeding boars are only allowed over a year after the herd's first litter notification.

All pedigree registered Kunekune pigs should be registered and tagged by the breeder, before they leave the breeder’s holding. Contact the breeder if you have not received a pedigree certificate within a month.

Pedigree Kunekune pigs should be identified by their pedigree eartag printed with the breeder’s herd mark followed by a unique number. The writing on this ear tag will correspond to the details shown on the Pedigree Certificate.

NB Pigs may have other ear tags to identify them, but these are not necessarily ones used to identify the pig is pedigree registered. Only an ear tag accompanied by a Pedigree Certificate identifies a Pedigree Kunekune Pig. See the article on Ear Tagging for more information.

You can read more detail about the registration rules and procedures here.